The DFA Authentication Process

This entry is a deviation from my usual talkative self wherein I will try to walk you through the process of document authentication at the DEPARTMENT OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS (DFA). Many refer to this as the RED RIBBON process.To those who plan to go abroad, hear me out! 

First of all, I am writing this blog post for the following reasons:

  1. To REMIND myself in case I forgot the procedures I went through for document authentication (which I usually do.heheh)
  2. To GIVE TIPS to others who might stumble upon this blog when they need the information contained.




This is a long blue paper and available at the entrance of the Authentication Center of the DFA. If not available at the entrance, check out the INFORMATION Center inside near the CASHIER.

STEP 2: Line up for processing at the PROCESSING section.

This one is located inside; before reaching the exit door, turn left. Make sure you have all the necessary documents. (Note A)

STEP 3: Submit your documents to the PROCESSING COUNTER.

When your turn comes, the guard on-duty will usher you to the available counter. The PROCESSOR will give you the Official Receipt (OR), also known as the AUTHENTICATION SLIP for you to pay the AUTHENTICATION FEE at the Cashier. 

STEP 4: PAY the appropriate AUTHENTICATION FEE. 

GIVE the OR to the Cashier for MACHINE VALIDATION. Afterwhich, the cashier should return two copies of the OR: 1 original and 1 carbon copy. (Note B)

STEP 5: RETURN to your assigned PROCESSOR’s counter and SUBMIT the OR to her. She should give you the ORIGINAL OR

CONGRATULATIONS! You are done! :)

If you don’t like the hassle of going back and falling in line to pick up the authenticated documents, pls see Note C below.


(A1) For Birth/Marriage Certificate, BRING NSO CERTIFIED Certificates.
(A2) If applying via a representative, ACCOMPLISH the following:                                                    

  1. a duly-signed AUTHORIZATION LETTER
  2. photocopies of IDs of APPLICANT (at least 2), if possible bring the ORIGINAL IDs
  3. a photocopy of the ID of REPRESENTATIVE.

(B) Authentication fees are classified as follows:

  1. REGULAR - Pay P100.00 only. Document release after 4 working days. 
  2. EXPEDITE/RUSH - Pay P200.00. Document release after 1 working day.

(C) You have the option to go back on the release schedule or have it delivered at your doorstep via a courier. If you wish the more convenient option, it’s easy.

  1. Approach the WWWExpress table at the sidemost part of the processing section.
  2. Express intention to avail of their services. They should give you a HOUSEWAYBILL, the white document where you will fill out the name of the consignee/recipient of the authenticated document (which is you or your principal, if you are a representative), address and other important details. (The process is much like that of sending docs via LBC.)
  3. Pay P150.00 and receive your OR and SHIPPER’S COPY of the bill.

Here are some helpful tips/reminders:

  • Go to DFA ROXAS BOULEVARD, the old DFA as the taxi drivers name it.
  • Be as EARLY as you can because the LINES can stretch as long as EDSA, or longer. I waited for THREE (3) HOURS in the line. You might want to bring something to pass the waiting time, a book or any reading material or FOOD for that matter. (No lunch break.)
  • The CR is at the end of the room. Pass through the glass exit door near the cashier counter.
  • BRING ballpen. Promise. :)

Based on firsthand experience, the DFA people are very responsible and helpful so if you still have questions, don’t hesitate to approach any of them. <><